Thursday, 29 September 2016

Breaking Bad

Are my running days over? Well, that’s the question on no ones lips.  Things  ‘a la pied’ have gone down the pan since May and I’ve been wracking my tiny mind to work out what the issue is. As times gone by and summer has turned to Autumn (eventually), the penny’s dropped and it was obvious, really, from the start.  The broken ribs thing was a red herring.  It all started, really, early this summer. I had a cerebral Road to Damascus moment early in May.  No, it wasn’t a Bob and Bing film that never made it to the silver screen. Instead, I thought it a good idea to return to Karate. In 1993 there was some unfinished martial arts business. It didn’t bother me. Believe me, there’s plenty of unfinished projects in my life. I’m looking forward to unfinishing many more.  I had, however, a weekend away with some buddies who stuck with it and hearing about their exploits, the spark was re-ignited. I got some new gear and by June was soon getting back into the swing of things. However, all the stretching and reaching, the repetitive dropping into stances and lunging, swinging and all things eastern has tested the elasticity of my left calf beyond its grisly old breaking point and while things are going well in the Dojo, trying to get beyond a 3 mile run these days is near  impossible. Coupled with a trip to the Xray machine man last week for a suspected broken wrist, which who knows how long I’ve been wandering around with, the ability to get out biking is now also a challenge.
Never one to be defeated, I’ve got a couple of hill climbs coming up so theres still something to blog about . It just wouldn’t be Autumn without some uphill buffoonery.  One handed buffoonery. So there you are, consider yourself updated. As soon as I have something interesting to blog about, I will. In the meantime here’s the test card..