Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Training Method No.8

Training method No.8 - finish work late. home. change. new shoes. feel springy. miss group at club. back home. put on ipod. put on tele. roll intro credits of Le Tour. one hour programme. tele off. set off for run. 45 minute circuit. run into road-works and dead end. herras fencing. rubbish. no option. double back. lost time. push limits on back road. aerobic threshold. gasp. railway crossing. lights on. barriers down. rumble of tracks. freight train. count carriages. 21. wait some more. inter-city other way. conspiracy theory. barriers up. belt along rest of lane. music banging. chicane. poppiholla. open stride. cut through houses. front door. tele on. Schleck with 1km to go. phew....

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