Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Crack 38

Its taken a little time but things are improving. I've set my sights on a good long testing race early in October. Life's hectic just now so I'm not sure whether I'll manage to start but I had a good solid 16 miles on Sunday, 8.5 steady fast yesterday in 58 mins in the rain and a 4x0.78mile short session today which was also in the rain. I had to contend with various refrigerated lorries (I gave them the cold shoulder), railway barriers and dog walkers having chosen a local industrial estate to do the intervals. It was supposed to be 1 mile each leg but evidently someone' s shortened the route. This happens frequently with the wrist computer - what was a 10 mile run turns out to be a mile shorter than everyone thought. Still, knocked out 4.30 to 4.34 mins. for the 4 of them so quite consistent. Just need to speed up a bit. I think the cycling over June slowed things on the running front. I'm looking to do Hawick on Sunday to see if I can crack 38 for the first time this year and its back into the gym this week.

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