Friday, 16 December 2011

Diced Parsnips

Pretty chilly and damp this morning as I found myself running the 7 miles back from Ashington. The pavements were icy, ice, ice baby and armed with my Salomons it made it doubly treacherous. I tried to stay on the grass and roads where possible and was glad to reach the path that runs along the river through Bothal Woods. The Council have gravelled it for most of the way and initially I was critical of this but it was pretty dicey in the mud, so its fast and runnable now for most of the way.

It was grey, grim and atmospheric with hail and sleet. The moss and red copper beach provided some colour and I fannied around for ages trying to get some decent shots. Came back via Lidl where I bought some parsnips and honey which I’ll cook for lunch. I had to tear myself away from all the other ‘excellent’ merchandise in the shop! Honey roast parsnips - sounds good enough to eat. Cooking and eating my own food - how exciting can life get?
I could find myself running back there (to Ashington not Lidl) this afternoon and have already got the hat, gloves and shoes on the radiator. Should make about 14 miles today which is quite good for a Friday.  The mileage always takes a nose dive at this time of year. Not sure what’s occurring this weekend on the running front but should have a houseful for Crimbo so no doubt plenty of chores lie ahead. Better get the Christmas Tree up for starters.
later......dark.cold.bit spooky. got there tho...


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