Sunday, 12 February 2012


I'm sitting here eating a baked onion straight out the oven and burning my tongue into submission. What price a late dinner?!
Decided to turn out and run yesterdays north east cross country league. The venue at Wrekenton, Gateshead is an old colliery and spoil heap thats not been fully reclaimed and being on top of a hill its quite exposed so the ground was solid. Icy in places. There was virtually no wind though, which was a saving grace and once you warmed up, not a bad day out at all. Around 250 of us set off in the slow pack. My aim was to get through the event in one piece. Problems of running lethargy and lack of energy over the last fortnight have been put down to a bug and although feeling abit more energised, I'm still way off the form. I have got a packed calendar though (at least in my head) and so trogged around the course with no distinction but nevertheless, mission accomplished.

Today was better. I had planned a 50 mile ride and did just that, albeit 35 miles were courtesy of the Northumbrian Tri Club who I bumped into early on in the ride and tagged along with. Seem like a good crowd. We took in a few of the Simonside climbs but nothing too demanding and I finished off the ride on my own through a couple of the coastal colliery towns. Hope that the form continues to build this week. The forecast's improving.

I've just stuck in another onion in foil to join the roast in the oven. Why not? -there's plenty of room in there    


Stuart Stoddart said...

you seem like a bike fella that knows his onions....
I have had 4 very bad speed wobbles on my bike, just held on to it but scares the living daylights out of me.What causes this and what can I do to prevent it, its got the point that I dread going down steep hills.
cheers if you can help and cheers if you cant ;-)

AMcD said...
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