Friday, 7 September 2012

Have your been Strava-ed

It seems like I've been listening to the lads drone on about their favourite cycling gadget for ages.
There are, on occasion and periodically, quieter moments when out in the lanes. Short moments of tranqility when your companions take timeout from trying to dodge careless or aggressive drivers, fish flies out of their eyes or scour the road surface for rim-crunching potholes.

Its at times like these, when the reliable avenues of conversational enquiry have been exhausted, that the rivetting details of performance encouraged by this latest gadget raises its head in conversation. It goes by the name of 'Strava'.

The Strava website proclaims 'Track all your runs and rides, set personal records and beat your friends' times. Enter virtual competitions, climb the leader boards, create and join clubs...blah, blah, blah.'   You can download your garmin or mobile phone ( I suppose with an app.).   I gave in at last and joined the Strava set last week. I am dismayed to admit its quite addictive...and one other thing. 
It can be applied to running as well as cycling. Not that I'm the competitive type but some bloke has 19 minutes down for the Bothal Woods run which I'm going to destroy with a red blooded, grit defying 17 minutes this weekend - should put me at the top of the league without question. 
So,if you've got nothing better to do and the dishes and hoovering's all done,  have a look in on least it makes a change from standing at the end of the platform watching the trains with your anorak on!    

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