Sunday, 17 February 2013

Royal Signal Relays 2013


The running's been going sweetly this month. Not to much stress on the regime but 50 or so miles a week and a little biking thrown in for good measure. Weight's behaving itself. Just need to plan a long race or two.  Have a couple of sportives also lined up and a trip to Manchester velodrome. That'll be a blast.

Ran in the all conquering  Morpeth vets team yesterday...well all conquering the bronze that is.
The Royal Signals Relays 2013 - 300 athletes. Six legs, each 2.3 miles long - Paced it well and delivered my 5th leg at around 5:33 pace - didn't think I was quite up to that; Top lad Terry Wall was running last leg for us, but we didn't count on the Steve Cairnsmeister also running the last leg for Tyne Bridge and they snaffled the silver. There was only around 40 seconds between us and winners North Shields, but pretty good all the same to get some silverware.

Its my second NE medal and not bad, considering I'm at the extreme end of the age category, even if I say it myself.

Getting back in the mid afternoon from the Signals Relays I dug out the bike and did a quick 15 miles but a mile from home the rear gear hanger broke, sending the changer into my rear wheel and I ground to a halt, fighting in the middle of town to stay upright and extricate myself from the bike clips before I went all horizontal. Got picked up and the bikes now looking sad for itself in the hall.
A late night with friends and some wine saw me laughing away the damage and consequently only managed a bleary  8 miler today. All in all a good weekend, apart from the bike, that is!

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