Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Back on track

The blogging has been hampered of late by abit of unpleasantness. Something unwanted has got into the computer. It was evidently well armed and has sown a mild trail of destruction. I've had to revert to the work laptop and hope there's no repetition. I don't know if its related, but the garmin is also playing up now and I'm in techie limbo.

No technology was required to run the Alnwick cross country league on a beautiful Saturday through the grounds of Sir Duke's place: very nice of them that live in the big castle to let us trample across the fields and through his lordships leafy woods.  I had a good run and finished around 22nd and will be promoted to the medium paced group for my efforts. However, with the average field of 350, it shouldn't be too hard to catch a few at the back and get lost in the melee at the last event in Prudhoe.

After a steady 8 miles on Sunday morning, four of us jumped in the jalope and headed off to Manchester for a two hour session on the boards. As I polished the wheels on the old track bike the night before, I couldn't believe the bike was over 30 years old; but it still looked good, well at least in a retro way. Woodrup's (the maker) is still going in Leeds and I might take it down for a re-spray.

We joined the folk from Alnwick Tri Club and it was a blast. Fantastic fun. Afterwards I read the do's and don'ts of track racing and I must admit to not being aware of some of the rules (no watches, no garmins, no taped tyres, etc, etc). Didn't seem to matter at Meadowbank and Leicester all those years ago - if your tyres stayed on and you could pedal forward, you were good to go. I suppose it all makes sense.

Although I 'd spent plenty of time in velodromes in my youth, I'd never rode indoors before and was surprised by the heat and how quickly you dried up. It was great though. A real rush. I mean to go sniffing out the Glasgow track when I'm next up that way.  The legs are fine, but couldn't manage more than 5 miles running on Monday night. I'm being talked into doing the local duathlon in April...mmmmm...not sure.   (thnx to Stu B for the photie)

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