Friday, 21 February 2014

Roond in circles

I had Wednesday afternoon off. I hadn't planned to, but it was a quiet morning and rather than shuffle around the office, I decided around 3pm get my gear on and do some proper bike miles. I headed out past Pigdon and Netherwitton, round the back to Rothley and back. I added a few more to clock up 35 miles around the top of town. It was cool but still. Good bike therapy.

Last night I missed the group so spent nearly an hour trawling around town looking for them. As I ran around in the dark, I wondered what the chances of coming across them were. Given that there are three or four main areas for running at night in the place, in theory, you would think the odds are around 3 or 4 to 1, but the timing makes it nearer 30 or 40 to 1. The direction of travel is also important. Afterwards, having ran 7 miles on my todd, the young un came in and asked why I wasn't with the group. I said I had got out late and ran around the town looking for them. She had seen them in all the places I had been, where she'd been also, but not seen me. She then added she'd seen another clubmate running around on his own doing the same thing. Think of it; all these lone figures scratching around the dim, dank Morpeth streets looking for running company. Makes you a bit sad, n'est ce pas? The bottom line was if we as a group had got our s*#t together, we could run down the club and find out where the group was on any one night and save ourselves a lonely night out on the streets.

I'm planning a 7 miler through the woods at lunchtime today and maybe an hour on the bike later.
Having shelled out £30 a pop for an Edinburgh Half marathon place in May, I need to be thinking about dipping my foosty toe into a sweaty competition or two. The main aim is to coach the broken body through 13 miles never mind a podium place.  Mrs M has advised me I'm accompanying her to Ingram Valley on Sunday for a recce for the Brough Law race. I remember getting lost in thick fog there the first time I did it. Finished well up, but probably because I'd cut half the course out.

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