Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Crab Soup

Its been a while since I did any blogging. I've not been slacking (well, not much).
Early in January I had a pep talk from my old mentor and began to up the training again after a very dull 2014 season. I decided against a trip to Kenya or Colorado until I managed to get to nearer 40 miles a week training. If I need altitude training I just go up the stairs. To reproduce the thin air thing, I simply stick my head in the laundry basket. Not much oxygen there... 

I pulled my hamstring in Mid January and only just got through the Signals Relays early in February where our 4 man crack vets team picked up a wee regional bronze medal.
Progress continued into late February and I began eyeing some events, but Thursday night a week ago I pulled up again in training. All that long legged stretching out doing the fast stuff plays havoc with my little stubby ligaments and as scotty says 'they canny take it, captain'.

The last few weeks have been hampered by something called work, to such an extent that I've had to work weekends. What a blidy cheek. Whats happened to the work life balance. Someone has chucked the scales out. The 40 mile target has fallen through the basement and I am poking around trying to manage some stolen exercise. It culminated on Saturday in a trip to the gym for the first time in a year. I did alright and mostly did sit-ups, crunches and dumbbell stuff. But on Monday I could hardly move my arms and have spent 2 days walking like a crab, the arms capable of only going sideways like the claws that they are.
Today has been much better, so here I am on the blog. Doesn't take much arm action, blogging, really. tap,tap, tap.
My down south buddy has found me a place in the Caledonia etape in May, so I've had the bike out and there's a lot of work to do in that department also.
I have a long weekend booked off next weekend, so I might just be able to get the 2015 campaign started then. Here's hoping.  

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