Sunday, 18 October 2015

old humpy back

Blimey, the cross country season's got off to a right good start. I was on site working in Blaydon last week talking to a couple of lads. When I rolled up in my Ron Hills and Inov top, one said ' fancy yourself as a runner then?..'. Of course I couldn't help myself, puffing out my chest and straightening my old humpy back after walking around like him out of Wolf Hall,  I let it be known that I was 'the north east fell running champion....paused, then added '2 years ago'.....then looked at my nails, scuffled my feet awkwardly and mumbled ' over 50's, that is'.  He wasn't to know there aren't any proper hills in the north east!
But yes, I still do fancy myself as a runner. I understand that as you age, things become less elastic, things, like ligaments and muscle tissue. Bless you.

I do a bit of cycling, but really, I like the raw burn that running gives. Plus you can burn off double the calories in the same time compared to cycling.
The first cross country for me was Tanfield at the North East England Cross Country League. I felt fine for two or the three laps, and still held it together on the 3rd lap to finish in the top 100. There's no joe public running in these events, so top 100 (6th v50) is fine for an old duffer like me.

that hair restorers just not doing it.. 
Last weekend it was the Sherman Cup; A rolling course around the South Shields leisure centre, what it lacks in landscape value is made up in dog sheit around the place. I didn't make the top 100 but that was a result of a tight hamstring (don't get me started) and there being loads of other guys who can run faster than me. I still contributed to the overall team and club performance though, so confidence is good. On the other hand, however, I have plodded, jogged and minced out a (Ron) weasly 4 miles every day this week just to try and ease the tightness. It would probably be a good idea to do some stretching. Over the weekend I've been out through the woods, an hour on both Saturday and Sunday, so not too bad. Four hours of training over the week is not going to help, but you've just got to grin a bear it. Catchy monkeys and all that.
I made myself available for the Scottish Cross Country Relays next weekend for the Hawks 3 weeks ago when I was feeling tip-top, so I need to have a sensible week this week. Do enough, but no more than that.   

Its nice to be out wit the youngsters though who now have caught me up and cruise along on their selfish little upward trajectory of form.....I'm not bitter.....Good to see them running well.
We'll see what next weekend brings. Hopefully, we'll have a team.

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