Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Progressive House

Listening to the same music when you train can become dull and predictable. One can get de-sensitised even to the music you love. I have changed my tunes in recent weeks and downloaded the Ministry of Sound 'great trance anthems'...or summit like that. As I downloaded the double CD, I noted one comment on the music website that suggested that the music 'wasn't trance at all, but actually progressive house'. The author of the comment sounded indignant. The 90's largely passed me by,  what with careers and parenting and all that stuff, so this criticism meant nothing whatsoever to me. However, as I've been running while listening to the banging beats I keep on wondering if it is progressive house. Should I demand my money back. Is a class action due?

While sat in the garage watching for mice with bamboo cane and green fishing net in hand, Aunt Aggie's take on things are that it doesn't really matter, as long as my times are improving. She then laughed raucously and winked adding 'fat chance'.. Ha Ha.

I had 4 days off after the feel the burns race, but I'm now back out in the woods. January 2016 has nearly run its course already, but it been a busy one. I may get a couple of races in in February. The mercury is back up again and the garden bulbs don't know what the eff is going on.  I heard someone on the radio talking about the elephant in the room....climate change. But this isn't the elephant, its only a manifestation of over-population. This is partly why hill running is so attractive. The solitude.

The choice yesterday was whether to wait for the group training in the evening or steal out in the late afternoon and enjoy a little daylight in the woods. I opted for the woods. I hear the phrase 'be the best you can be' glibly bandied about, and it occurred to me that I was in denial. I wasnt being the best I could be and thought i'd better looks inwards for the answer (literally). And so the biscuits are soft and soggy in the jar, the potatoes are no friend of mine and the pasta are but strangers. This has pleasingly resulted into some proper good runs of late with a spring returning to my step. Its boding well for February. I might even have a few scalps in my sites. Now that is progressive...

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