Thursday, 24 December 2009

Psalm 121

Out for a 40 minute canter around the slowly thawing woods today. An easy run was punctuated by the occasional overshooting of the path or by some poorly rehearsed Torville and Dean pirouette (more like Orville and Dean!) where the snow had turned to ice. It was a peaceful antidote to shopping.

There are a couple of tracks which always remind me of particular Christmas's in the dim and distant past. One is Pat Metheny's Psalm 121 from the Scheslinger film 'The Falcon and the Snowman'. It also features 'This is not America' composed with Lyle Mays and Bowie:

The other favourite is 'Snowbound' on the 'And Then There Were Three' Genesis album . Both hugely evocative tracks which strangely never seem to see the light of day on the airwaves. You can find both easily on Youtube. Anyway, this is beginning to turn into a music critique so its time for another mince pie....One or 2 more and I'll turn into one. Wonder if Santa's been to the running shop?

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