Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rough Diamond

Well, whatever your views on blogging, when it comes to the end of the year, as a diary, it's a handy document to print out and file. In the pre-blogging days I used to collect race results and file them, but flicking through them was duller than a maths exam. There was nothing that reminded you of the day, how you felt or the little incidents or people that make something memorable (or for that matter forgettable!). A quick review of last November shows that, among other things, we had had loads of snow and that I had a cold. Sitting here with the Lemsip, I've just got shot of the cold, again. I was hoping to get out with the NFR lads last Sunday for a recce of the Simonside fell race course, but my nose was tripping me.

I was happy to get back out today for 6 miles offroad. I just still might manage up to Livingston to the East of Scotland XC Champs this weekend. I sound like Kenneth Williams, the Khasi of Khalabar in 'up the Khyber' ; all nasal, but by Saturday I hope to be a little better. I'll probably still be running like Sir Sidney Rough Diamond though. No...better make that Brother Belcher!

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