Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Blaydon Race 2010

It was a dark, wet and cold night for the 4000 runners at tonight's Blaydon Race. Good for running; pants for photographs.

Here's a few images from the Scotswood Bridge where, at the time, Ian Hudspith (Morpeth), last years winner, was in 3rd spot. Results out in due course. PHOTOS NOW UPLOADED - CLICK ON COLLECTION LINK ON THE RIGHT MARGIN ....!


Alan Dent said...

The weather was good for running but it must have been pretty rough standing taking photographs

Can I please use one of your photos inmy blog - Alan

AMcD said...

Help yourself; I've just found your blog. Good running!

savvo said...

Some more pictures over at

Alan M said...

Great race, rubbish weather, good pics. Can I also be cheeky and borrow one of your photos for our club blog?


Alan M

AMcD said...

It was wet! Please use photos -(just mention they came from this site though. cheers) Al