Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Discharge at the vicarage

I went back up to Amble to retrieve the Ridleys. They've been languishing in the bike shop over the Christmas break. Its hard to believe I blogged about them back in October when I was planning the re-launch of my cycling career.
Great to have both back intact, even though there's only 1 or 2 cyclo-cross events left. I know I won't do anything other than hopefully get round the courses, but it's a start. If I am the vicar of Ridley, then its nice to have the bikes back at the vicarage!
Anyroads, it was a cracking cold fresh day so I ran for 40 minutes along the beach south of the town.

Aunt Aggie came out as well in her knitted briefs and mp3. She even had her teeth in. She's downloaded a group from Oz called Temper Trap and I must say they sound pretty funky, even for an old bird like Aggie. Sort of snow patrol-ish she says. I think Midnight Oil meets synth (for the re-mixed tracks anyway). Fifteen miles run on Sunday and another 8 last night before I hobbled off to the clubhouse with a dodgy knee ligament thing. Will try the woods tomorrow if I'm up to it.
I leave you with a lush picture of fresh discharge.

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