Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ross Bay

The landmarks of Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne are well known tourist destinations on the north east coast line in Northumberland. I've never explored the coast between them and only ever been to Lindisfarne once. It would be good to run across the causeway to Lindisfarne when the tides out. I took the opportunity at lunchtime today to get a bit closer.

Leaving Belford I headed east across the A1 and railway line and ran around 7 minute pace on good roads. It was all downhill for 3 miles before the fields levelled off and I could catch the nip of the salty sea air.

There was no one around the deserted roads. A few puddles were still covered in ice and there was also some patchy black ice. After passing a couple of farms, the road ran out and became a sandy track covered with moss. Nice and springy underfoot.

I continued across the undulating Ross Links with the dunes and Marram grass in front of me and had to cross a low lying boggy patch. I couldn't see a way around it and failed to keep my feet dry, dancing in vain around the icy puddles and across the thin ice which was so thin it broke as soon as my foot hit it. With squelching shoes, I soon arrived at the lonely beach of Ross Bay with the Castle visible to the south and Lindisfarne to the north. The Farne Islands were just discernible beyond the breaking waves. On another day I might have carried on northward but as 30 minutes had passed already, it was time to turn back to run the 4 miles back to Belford.

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