Sunday, 8 May 2011

Slave to the Rhythm

A few of the fast lads turned out with the usual suspects for Thursday nights session on the grassed track at the local school. Their appearance had the effect of lifting the usual times and sharpening up the evening. It was the first time for a long time that I began to feel some speed in the legs, finishing the last few intervals in 71 secs. A trip to the Midlands meant that Friday night was 45 minutes running steady along the canal and up and down the local high street .

Last night was a high speed 4 miler round the local woods.There's lots of dumpy bags scattered around the woodland track and regretfully 'they' seem intent on stoning up the track that winds its way through the wood (-next it'll be streetlights and signs). Earlier I had downloaded nine minutes of Frankies 'Two Tribes' (the annihilation mix) and Grace Jones 'Slave to the Rhythm' (extended hot mix). I've always rated ZTT's productions and remember walking into HMV in '85 and hearing Slave blasting out across the aisles. Back to back the extended mixes make a great thumping 17 minutes of music to run to. Today was a 16 miler round the lanes. I ramped up miles 11 and 12 to see what I could expect to churn out in a fortnight and managed a 6:30 for each at about 150bpm before winding down over the last final few miles. I think anything close to 1:22 in Edinburgh might be reasonable.

What is it with slugs wanting to lie on the roads after a heavy downpour. Not a great survival strategy. Nice to see a bit of rain though.

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