Sunday, 12 June 2011

Navel Gazing

I've laid off racing since the Edinburgh Half.
It's not because I'm lazy, injured or worn out. Instead I've been pondering future races which, let's face it, is a lot easier than running them. I almost made Yetholm, but then common sense prevailed on Sunday morning and having not been on the hills since February, I convinced myself nine miles of quad bending calf thrashing ankle swivelling pleasure might not be the best re-introduction to fell running.
I had half arranged to run the Black Rock at Kinghorn in July but too much pondering found me missing out as 800 eager bodies signed up and filled up the event before I had time to put pen to paper. So instead, as we're up in Shettleston for the end of June with the young 'un swimming anyway, it might be a trip up to White Tops where the Hawks organiser has promised an alternative and improved race. I'm really just going up for the cakes afterwards.
In the meantime I have a couple of spaces available to slot in 2 or 3 runs and am hoping to have a busy summer of racing.
I've put in some miles recently on the bike and got soaked yesterday up by Wark when it hail-stoned and then continued raining for the day. Its been a long time since I spent 70 miles on the bike.
There's Eildon at Melrose later this month and that 400m sub-60 is still floating in the ether. There's also a couple of possibilities around Edinburgh so enough of the chin scratching and introspection; better dust off the club vest.

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