Saturday, 18 June 2011

Roubaix Legs

The re-launched cycling career has at last kicked off with a bunch of local guys who I've teamed up with. Last Wednesday they successfully talked me out of 30 miles and I capitulated to their generous offer of 50 miles instead. These were not your commoner-garden 50 miles but a select route past Rothbury, over the climbs of Bilsmoor and the Gibbet in North Northumberland. Small beer, I grant you compared to the Highlands, Lakes or Alpine passes but more than enough for the vicar of Ridley (my road bike). The gears decided they'd had enough and have been crunching ever since.

To add to my dudgeon, I was stung in the eye by some insect and the next morning I woke up with an eye that looked like it had done 3 rounds in the ring with Jake La Motta. Its too early to say yet whether this two wheeled love affair is going to play havoc with my fell running, having only just kicked off the 2011 campaign. I'll know more after Windy Gyle next weekend. I've been advised by the boss that I can't make Eildon on the 25th due to a prior engagement. Worse luck.

Today as we set off in the rain I brandished a new pair of bike goggles, but as it poured for the 3 hours that we were on the road, I needn't have bothered with the eye-wear. Dreich and dank. With a rear wheel puncture on the way back it was a joy to sit on the wet grassy verge for ten minutes with the rain teaming down. The team car was no where in sight and neither were the domestiques who were to pace me back to the peloton. Rose coloured glasses would have been more useful. After Grindleford on Thursday the legs were not very responsive. Still, the quads have made a re-appearance and with another 50 wet miles in the bike bank I've promised myself a fathers day present of some new gears. Getting back in the house I was chuffed with my Roubaix Legs (pictured above).

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