Sunday, 1 April 2012

Blyth Valley Transped 10k

After a hard session on Thursday, I opted for an easy Friday and Saturday getting out on the bike for 25 miles both days. The wind direction changed on Saturday morning and me and my budding time trial partner had our first work out yesterday afternoon, the first 14 miles or so into a stiff cross and headwind before an easier cruise back from Druiridge Bay. This morning the sun was up and I thought I may as well have a run out at the Blyth 10k.

Its not a bad course and quite popular but can be quite exposed in places much of it run along the coastlines and through shallow, hummocky dunes. There were plenty of dog walkers out and about and, as just over 400 of us all set off, I only hoped that Fenton wasn't one of them. I had tagged onto an Alnwick runner at 2 miles and stayed behind him till mile 4. I passed the 3 mile mark in 17:25 but with a tailwind . On the way back I began to tire and with a stiff crosswind the runner in front clung to the inside kerb and I couldn't get any shelter and soon dropped back, being passed in the last mile by 2 Wallsenders and a Low-Feller fella.
Finished 37:26 (40th) -  fine.  Grabbed my T shirt, said well done to all, did a slow 2km warm down and made a quick getaway. The boss was on hand to snap a few photos which are on Flickr.  Results are at

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