Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sweat, Swoon & Wobble

In sporting terms its been an up-and-down week. I hobbled out of last Sundays run after 14 miles with knee trouble. Monday was the same after 9 miles so the latter part of the week has been pretty much mile free albeit that I cruised around Thursday's session of 9 miles around the lanes while those around me sweated, swooned and wobbled (I wasn't doing any of the sprints they were engaged in). I need to start stretching again and booking in some ceiling-licking physio time. To make matters worse, woke up to a tight Achilles today. What a finely tuned athlete I must be!

Tuesday was an easy 23 on the bike and today I buttoned up my Sowesters like the character out of 'Skegness is Bracing' poster and put in a steady 25 on the bike, picking up the back end of the Wansbeck 21 mile time trial. Because of my tardiness and generally fannying aboutness, I arrived late and missed half the field so the photos (see the flickr site) are only of the last half of the field.
The weather was as you would expect of April; but just so much more bizarre - the rain showers, downpours and the sun bursting out in between with steam rising off the pot-holed asphalt and the birds giving it large on the tweeting front. We'll see what tomorrow brings for the long Sunday run. 

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