Sunday, 3 June 2012

Captain Hook and the Druridge Bay 10k

Went down to Hook in Hampshire on Friday to stay at a friends. He's in training for L'Etape (where you ride a mountain stage of Le Tour). He'd already been out for 30 miles in the morning before I'd arrived, so claimed to be a little tired as we set off down toward Botley and other villages joined up between leafy and sunken lanes, south of the M3. My poor wee legs didn't know what to do as we tore through junctions, postcard villages and even past Mr Titchmarch's house (apparently). We left one or two other unsuspecting bikies for dead as the tarmac melted below our wheels. In truth, I was dragged around the 32 miles circuit and we finished with an average of around 20mph with 2000ft of climb into the bargain. Zut alors!
I had a day off yesterday but today nipped out for a quick 25m picking up the Druridge Bay 10k; and a very nice setting it was too. I'll shoe horn in a  6 or 8 mile run later on through the woods.
June will have to be a bit more bikey than runny with the Cyclone to complete at the end of the Month.

Photos of Druridge Bay 10k are on the Flickr Site (see right)

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