Friday, 29 June 2012

Don't ignore the omens...

I should have taken more notice of the omens. Heron on the roof, jackdaw creeping around the garden, a condor in the garage, not to mention the dancing bears....and then the rain came. The wettest June on record. Yesterday as the lightening struck, I hid in the car as the Supercell above did its worst to make the town an island. Afterwards, five of us managed 7 miles wading through rivers and brown pools of water that had formed across depressions in the lanes.

After traversing the first knee high pool, it actually got quite enjoyable and two of the lads who were knocking out minute intervals were seen plunging half way through the water before pulling up (or is that pooling up). Tomorrows cyclone sportive will be a good day out and at 104 miles and 7000ft of ascent I might be inclined to stop for a pot of tea halfway round. No gold medal chasing for me.    

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