Sunday, 7 April 2013

Longtown & the Blyth 10k 2013

Ten years of competitive running has taught me a few things. I have a good idea about pace judgement now.I know when to keep a little in reserve and which events suit me and which don't. However, something new of late is the deterioration in my powers of recovery. This winter at least I can't be accused of overdoing it. Thursday nights track session comprised a 1200m, two eight hundreds and four x four hundred metres and was quite a high octane session for so early in the season. The last few laps were done in around 64 or 65 seconds.  I knew there had been some hard work done as I lay on the settee afterwards watching the 'No Country for Old Men' on the Tele. As a watched Tommy Lee Jones I was occasionally distracted by the nerves in my calves firing involuntarily. This resulted in the skin dimpling at all angles, like some strange leg-timpani.

The performance at yesterdays Longtown 10 miler near Carlisle was therefore, not surprisingly, lamentable, and I ran the race like a bag of hammers. It was a Springtastic day and the temperature almost rose to double figures.
The field of around 100 set off over a course that promised much.  I fancied at top 15 placing. However at around 4 miles my attempt at speed dropped off the scale as the hills appeared and for the next 2 miles I struggled badly. The technique was pathetic and I was doing well to keep it below seven minute miles. The last 4 miles were mostly flat or downhill and I tucked in beside a Dumfries runner and an unattached whose elbows were just the right height to crack me in the nose, should I try to tuck in too closely into the slight headwind. The Dumfries lad kept turning around to check on my progress, but he needn't have been worried as the tank was empty. At the 9 mile mark, Dumfries man took off and unattached followed, leaving me to eat their dust. How social is that?  I was aiming for a sub 62, but fate dished out a slow 63 and I couldn't argue with that. The spread was good afterwards with free tea, so not all bad. The winner was Russell Maddams from Keswick finishing in 55mins. The course  reminded me of the Templeton 10 (Dundee). 

This morning I took our kid to the Blyth 10k and ran around with the camera (see Flickr site)  before knocking out a crisp 25 miles on the bike. I've got the Daffodil Sportive at Thirsk next week and am hoping for things to warm up a little although to be fair if the weather holds, I'll be thankful. Having paid for a bike racing licence for this years season, I'd better get my finger out a book a couple of criteriums. Nothing like getting shelled out of the bunch after three laps!

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