Sunday, 21 April 2013

London Marathon 2013

Spent the weekend away at the big smoke. Friday afternoon was a mosey around the London Marathon Exhibition and wondering if I'll ever manage another marathon. The anticipation of those taking part was palpable.

Saturday was a trip out in the lanes of Hampshire on the bike as I clung onto the back wheel of an old mate who can't slow down on a bike. Averaged almost 20 mph for a training run. I clearly need to man-up.  Then, later,  joined a crowd of runners on Saturday night for their pizza party.

Today watched our kid take on her second marathon and she dun pretty good clocking a 3:22...getting a bit close to her old mans marathon time for comfort. They had a nice, though warm day for it.  The leg extension those elite guys get is truly phenomenal.   The photo at the top was taken around the 11 mile mark.
I was rewarded for all the traipsing around with a steak and chips and a shandy in the Silver Cross off Whitehall afterwards. Quite a few in tears at the end from one or two runners; testament to this draining event. Photos on the Flickr site soon.

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