Friday, 6 November 2009

destination unknown...

Having looked at the photos of the Templeton 10 miler last Sunday, I think I got away lightly (and dry) when I decided not to race last weekend.
This weekend some of the guys are doing the Exhibition Memorial 10k in Newcastle, two 5km laps of a flat park run which, if the weather behaves itself, has solid PB potential. However, the weather seems to have an attitude on board at the moment and unless it starts to get with the programme, we may need to take it along for a consultation in a white room with a serious looking bespectacled professional. It may end in therapy.

Managed 10 miles yesterday lunchtime around the lanes and felt as fresh as a faded foto in a Falkirk fanzine (I love a bit of alliteration!). The thought of making the long trip to Tinto for a 30 minute hill race or Guisborough for the 3 Tops fell race filled me with dark thoughts of dread and despair, never mind trying to get the misfiring running machine round a leaf strewn Newcastle park in under 36 minutes. Now, in my present condition, that would be a laugh. So, instead, once again I'm contemplating a bus trip tomorrow and a long slow run back from an unknown destination. What excitement!

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