Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Carbo Loading with Auntie Agnes

I've spent the last 4 days on a low carb' diet and generally cutting out the rubbish, but celebrated the end of the famine tonight with 2 lemon puffs and a potato (to be honest they weren't much company)...
Carb' depletion is much discussed on the web. and I wish I'd dropped into The University of Western Australia in Perth last month to get the latest gen on this endurance diet business. Apparently you can alter your metabolism over a week or over a day. The word on the street is that cutting out the rice, bread and beans can make you irritable and feel washed out, but to be honest I didn't feel much different and was upbeat on day 3 trading off the lack of energy with a modest weight loss.
I bought my first jar of marmite yesterday. When I checked out how much protein was in them there wee brown jars I was impressed, raising an eyebrow (as much exertion as I could manage at that time).
'Carbo loading, whats that all about then?' as my old Auntie Agnes used to sing as she put in the miles on the treadmill, knitting.

Today was 5 miles through the Peak District when I abandoned the car somewhere near the A57 and took off at lunchtime up to Bleaklow Hill along the Pennine Way between Glossop and Sheffield. Its what's called a 'drive-by' run in my neighbourhood. Very nice. Pleased to be getting back out on the hills now.

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Alan Dent said...

Good luck for sunday - Have a good one