Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Tedium of Tarmac

A glutton for punishment I was dropped off without ceremony in the centre of 'The Toon' for a 16 mile run back home. Had I planned it better, or had I planned it at all, I would have run from home south and then been picked up, or got the bus back as I spent the next 2 hours or so fighting the cold north wind.

The initial stage of the run through the centre and down New Bridge Street was pleasant and even the myriad of bars and flocks of beautiful people along fashionable Jesmond's Osborne Road didn't distract me (much). Gosforth High Street and then along to Seaton Burn, down the back road to Blagdon and through Stannington was the route of choice.
As a ran I thought it would be an idea to organise a race from the Holiday Inn on the edge of Newcastle, to Morpeth, around 8 miles. There's not many junctions to contend with and there's a lot of downhill. The Morpeth to Newcastle Road Race (half marathon) was cancelled a couple of years ago due to the recent fad for shopping on Sundays and it began to cost too much to police. Great Pity. I think it was the oldest road race in the Country. Got back in time to watch 'Britain's Got Talent' at which point I felt like putting my trainers back on.
I think I'm suffering fell race withdrawal symptoms and all this tarmac lark is getting a bit tedious. I've got the Black Rock Race and Windy Gyle to look forward to in June. The Black Rock is a beach race held at Kinghorn and is a hoot. Never ran the Windy Gyle in the Cheviots before, but at 9 miles should be a walk in the 'National' Park after the recent daft mileage. Off to Gateshead Stadium today on taxi duty so it'll be another urban training adventure, this time south of the Tyne.

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