Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Right then. Found myself in the Peak District today but even though I had my gear with me, I was pushed for time for a run so it'll have to wait for next week when I'm back down the road. You'll just have to make do with last night's photo of my trog through the woods.
My Edinburgh Run stuff arrived today and comprised a chip, a glossy brochure and a red number. Regretably this will clash badly with my purple body paint and blue and white Hawkhill vest!
In truth, I have pretty much got myself together for this 26 mile crawl through the Edinburgh Hinterland and will go armed in my best tweed with 5 lucozade gels and a copy of Scottish Field for those quiet moments in deepest Longniddry. I will, of course, also be wearing my Avatar 3D glasses just to get the best out of some parts of the course. I dare say after 25 miles of running I may be in such a state that parts of Prestonpans may begin to resemble Pandora.
The advice from fellow runners has been generous and varied. My favourite last week was 'You need to be on the edge, not over it' (This after a 12 x 400 track session). My MP3 strategy is to take it and put it on around 15 miles when things get a bit wobbly and I begin to look under the hedges for my abandoned gloves and hat from the North Berwick Race a fortnight ago and furtively begin to check out the bus times along the route.
In the words of Dr Augustine 'just relax and let your mind go blank...shouldn't be too hard for you..'

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