Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Fat Ears

As I pedal my way around the lanes and past the fields bulging with corn and barley, I'm hoping the biking is going to refresh some parts of the leg that other forms of exercise leave underdeveloped. It was such a nice day on Saturday that I got completely carried away and ended up somewhere around Otterburn. After 2 hours I had to stop for tea and cake at Elsdon to give my back a rest. There was a vintage motorcycle rally on and I was interested to see some bikes older than mine. I didn't know Raleigh did motor bikes in times gone by.
After several large mugs of sugary tea and Missus Miggins fruit cake, I took advantage of the freshening tailwind and belted east home on a 52 x 13 gear (which is big ring, little sprocket for those a bit hazy in the gear department).

On the running front, last night was 8 miles with 10x1 minutes thrown in for good measure with a select few. Most in these parts are going to Tynedale to do the 10k tomorrow. I'm trying to steer away from road races at the mo. Chasing the clock is too much like hard work.
As I'm away to Manchester on Thursday, I had thought about doing the Bull Fell Race somewhere near Ramsbottom, but might go for the easier Dragon 5 trail race if I get finished work in time. A wander around Alderley Edge, home to the rich and famous. I might pick up the new Planet X store in Sheffield on the way (well, its not really on the way, but who's to know).

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