Saturday, 24 July 2010

Grasp the Nettle

Mondays sesh was a series of one and two minute sprints through the lanes in the teaming rain with the crowd. Racing down the hill like loon's we came across a biker laying on a grassy bank by the side of the road at which point we came to a crashing halt. With a woman standing over him with arms crossed, we quickly established through his visor that he was in reasonable shape and that she was a doctor, so as we slowly backed down the slope a shout went up from the back of the group 'only 48 seconds left' and off we went again like the Keystone Kops at double quick time. Farce.
Still carrying a bit of extra weight, but after a couple of very light weeks the aches and pains are a distant memory. Very little running this week. I've been out on the bike again and even managed some golf.

This morning, sat in front of the computer which needs more memory (so said the computer man yesterday), I've had the music up loud for an hour. Eventually everyone's got up and they're strangely grumpy. William Orbits Ferry Corsten Remix of Barbers Adagio at 8:15am. What's the issue?

It'll be an hours run and then I might take myself to the coast to see 150 tri-athletes plunging and splashing around the North Sea, before their 80km ride and 20km run, though I doubt I'll stay for the run though. Its about £30 to enter but for that you get 5 or 6 hours of pain, as much salty seawater as you can swallow and a couple of possible close shaves with weekend drivers. I guess the slower you are the more you get for your money.

I suppose I should also grasp the nettle; better find a pen now and get my entry in for Dollar next weekend. I think this is a Scottish and British counter this year so I should get happily lost in the crowd somewhere.

Its the last few days of the Tour this weekend. Its been a hoot watching the crowds on the slopes, especially on the Misty Tourmalet. Some of the costumes were crackers and I thought some of the guys would come off, pulled down by those running alongside intent on getting on the tele.

The commentary has been class. Best lines so far
'the riders will be sharpening their legs'
'the sprinters will be steaming out of their helmets'
'when he gets back, Contador will have to ask himself a few strange questions' and
'the crowd are getting thicker by the inch' .
All good stuff.

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