Thursday, 26 August 2010

The daily grind

After a summer of mental cogitation, I accepted my destiny and a fortnight ago launched my bid to win the 2011 London Marathon. My campaign slogan is 'Book now for April 2011 to ensure disappointment'.

There was naturally, therefore, little excitement from the crowd today when the pink slip that is a 'good for age acceptance' popped through the door. They sat still glued to 'Top Gun' or whatever was on the box. I, on the other hand, celebrated in style. As it happened the young 'un was making a plateful of pancakes (or some very flat scones) and wearing goggles and gauntlets, I fought my way through the huddle of sugar junkies to the cooker to salvage what was left.

I'm not sure this 26 mile extravaganza quite fits into my new routine which is to go abit easier on the old body. I've been eyeing up bikes again, furtively looking at cyclo-sportive websites and I had an easy 15 mile ride the other night instead of the usual run. I can still do the longer runs but am reluctant to take the same punishment.

Auntie Aggie was sat in the kitchen overseeing the pancake wars. Pontificating with her usual sympathetic and caring nature she said that this new dogma of mine is just a cop-out. She sat me down next to her newly refurbished commode and spelt it out:

'The simple fact is you feel lazy and you have a confidence problem. Now I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your ass. A good runner is compelled to look at an event, evaluate the route and his ability and apply what he's learned. Up there in the fells or on the road, we gotta push it. That's our job. Now eat your pancakes'. Stubbing out her Havana, she then put on her spikes and went out to talk to the hedgehogs.

So it could be 26 miles in London in April and a half in Edinburgh in May. There's no reason why I can't combine more cycling with running over the winter and at least I've got 2 decent targets to aim for next year.

I didn't know we had any hedgehogs.


ross88guy said...

I am getting the biking bug again now as well... might look into triathlon as a compromise lol

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Runningbear said...

Weyhey for you! What great news, London it is then.

V much looking forward to reading up on your preparations through the winter. And Aunt Aggie's inspiring nuggets of course. RB.