Saturday, 21 August 2010

Simonside, Northumberland

After last nights ambush by some good company and a bottle of Shiraz, I thought cleaning the oven at lunchtime was above and beyond the call of duty. Having completed the mission with some foaming spray and 3 Brillo pads which I did well not to come to grief with, I took myself up to Simonside and plodded along the ridge over the rippled flagstone paths, the silver sand covered tracks and through miles of forestry tracks with a few walkers, a deer, a big bird and a handful of young pheasants as company. The route was bathed in some late afternoon sunshine but I was happy to bag 10 hilly miles and some atmospheric snaps over the 90 minute jog.

I've continued on from the half last Saturday and nearly clocked up 60 on the road this last week although its been a real struggle. Tiredness I guess from Haddington. I've got a trail race in Keswick lined up in early September which'll be a good laugh. I've also got myself sucked into one of these Hell of the South runs in November which I expect will be blidy freezin.
There are also some of the long Scottish races like the Two Breweries and the Pentland that I'm toying with at the moment and we'll have to see nearer the time whether I'm up to the longer distances. Some of the lads have a marathon coming up so so I might piggy back on some of the high mileage runs.

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