Saturday, 25 September 2010


Ever wasted a perfectly good day? Making the decision not to do Whernside today and too late for the local ParkRun I was at a loose end. Then I had a wizard idea. Strip the Joe Waugh (road bike) down ready for a trip to re-spray land. This went well until I found I didn't have the tools to get the headset or the crankset off (I can tell the anoraks among you are lapping this up). With the Waugh down to its smalls, I fitted some new brakes and cables to the Donohue (old road frame). Its miles too small for me, but its tidy and all it needed was the seat raising and I could get out for some miles. Seat wouldn't budge. I could have won the world gurning championships with some of the faces I was pulling trying to free the seat. Then I reverted to a variety of hammers, the sensitive technician's tool of choice and it was eventually the dream team of a rubber hammer and a flat blade screwdriver that the thing came loose.

Ooops. That alloy tubing's not as thick as you think. Still, might be OK. With a different seatpost in, I tried to tighten the bolt but the damage to the frame was enough to mean that while the bolt tightened, the seat now swivels 360.

Meanwhile Aunt Aggie was witnessing this from a far. Well, quite near really. She was sat crossed legged on the carpet wearing her cow print wellies and playing imaginary chess on her home made chess board with some left over jelly babies. She thought my swivelling seat would make for 'an interesting ride'. She added that 'at least I would see all of the countryside and I could probably charge extra for the experience'. I've tried to explain to her that some squares might be a useful addition to her board, but she says it would add nothing to the game.

So it seems that the Donohue will be joining the Waugh to the bike repair factory. I may as well take my old track bike and get all 3 resprayed. So, bikeless this afternoon, it'll be a trip to the woods for a 40 minute run.

With some of the lads away to the west for a Half tomorrow, I might have to make do with something shorter and more local. Best see what fixtures are around.

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