Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I read that new research from Liverpool suggests that ultra endurance runs can result in some cardiac disturbance (

I heard the term Empty Nest Syndrome on the radio. What about Empty Leg Syndrome. This is where men and women find themselves unable to pass the old grimble in front whom they've been tracking for miles at the end of a race. Unlike the profound grief experienced when (for example) you find yourself in the slow queue at the supermarket, the grief of empty leg syndrome often goes unrecognised, because abject tiredness and exhaustion after panning yourself for 6 miles is seen as normal or even healthy.
The afflicted runner may find few sources of support or sympathy. In many cases, empty leg syndrome is compounded by other difficult life events like high entry fees, delayed muscle pain, failing to get down the stairs quickly enough to answer the phone, failing to get down the stairs at all, and wondering if, in fact, draughts, a glass of stout and a stairlift is a more realistic way to get your kicks.

Anyway, there's no endurance events for me this weekend. It's the Kelso Two Bridges Road Race, the fastest 5k in Scotland (for me anyway; see 2008 blog)-1k through the town, 1k of uphill and 3k of sweeping downhill. No time for photos or swanning around. Full on graft required. As the kids say 'its phat'.... Well, that's a lie. I've never heard anyone say that about a 5k. Maybe I meant 'its flat'.

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