Thursday, 14 April 2011


AMcD, targeting a second career finish in the marathon event insists he is ‘brimming with optimism’ as he takes on 50,000 other runners at this weekend’s London Marathon. McD finished easily within 30 minutes of the winner at last year’s Edinburgh marathon and in his words was ‘very nearly close to the podium and comfortably beat off a combined late challenge from the baggage bus and the back end of a pantomime horse’. In that event he spent what he describes as ‘a good while jockeying with elite athletes in the front group just before the gun went off'. After a recent 5km race in Newcastle where he recorded his slowest ever time, the 47-year old is surprisingly upbeat and will be back as the crowds favourite, ahead of many other distressed runners sporting 'interesting' late race techniques.

He said ‘It is 2011 and we have a new season and my training has gone miserably in the build up to London. I started carbo loading in December and now I will now be able to reap the rewards -pass me a biscuit’

His coach, Aunt Aggie, herself a stalwart of the local over 70's zoomba scene said ‘he can expect a steady run to the 10 mile mark and then he’s on his own’, adding ‘who knows, after that things could get wobbly for him..very wobbly. Maybe he looks out for St Johns or maybe he has a few sit downs’.

Edinburgh was a very special occasion for the wee man. He says ‘I felt very positive being sprayed down by a hoodie with a water hose in Prestonpans, but London could be even wetter, especially if I go off course down by the docks. I will be looking out for the other half of the pantomime horse and taking many pictures. Of course much depends on the weather but I think a slow run is possible. I have spent several weeks sleeping in an altitude tent and wake every morning groggy and disorientated just like what I imagine I’ll be like at 20 miles’.

His English remains poor.

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