Sunday, 3 April 2011


Fifty or so miles this week. It was a novelty to run twelve on Thursday evening through the flat lanes of Somerset. The hedges on each side of the narrow road restricted the view and before I knew it I found myself near to Glastonbury. To get there, however, would have added more than another hour to a run that was already slowing so I made the wise choice and turned back to the guesthouse. The flies were out in force.

Friday was spent in Cornwall and then it was back up the road via Gloucester yesterday for a new pair of trainers (as you do!).

I was committed to 20 miles this morning so, to make it remotely interesting, I ran to Blyth to see the local 10k and then plodded back into the wind managing just over 2:20 for the round trip. The last 3 miles were slow but the new shoes were a treat and I didn't realise how 'past it' the last ones were even though there was plenty of tread left on them.

I'll aim for around 50 mile this week with a couple of long runs and the rest made up of whatever comes along. Still lugging around several extra pounds, but not the wallet kind.

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