Saturday, 7 January 2012

Felt Envy...

Ok, I admit it; there's a new bike in the stable. I spied the machine a month ago and waited and waited until now.   
I disposed of a couple of old steel racing frames last month to make sure there was at least something in the coffers and the rest has been made up from overtime and putting in long hours at work...thankfully not by me, though. All for a good cause.
Anyway it was out for a 20 mile spin this morning. No crunching gears or strange rattling. smooth, smooth, smooth. There were shooters in the fields, beaters on the verge and the harassed pheasants were cowering in the non-existent hedge foliage or under fences. Even the sheep in the nearby field looked sheepish. There was wood smoke and powder in the air and a few horses out in the lanes. Pretty good for January (unless, of course, you're a pheasant) and a real contrast to last year.
Now just waiting for the Spring and the new cycling club jerseys (SC Gothic) to come through at the end of the month. The order's in.
Later this aft' it was eight steady miles 'a pied' through the woods in the twilight. If I can get up early enough tomorrow I'll try to cram in a 2 hour run but for now, I'm all spent up.

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