Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rosedale Chimney Awaits

My success this month has been pretty modest. Most of the training has been run off road at Twilight. Lots of hungry wildlife around. I managed to remember that entries to the Coastal run were open and got my name in. I did the race a while ago and it was a blast. I’ve also entered the Captain Cook Sportive; 94 miles including Rosedale Chimney. Oops. Bit rash but who won't slow on the gradient for a SC Gothic fashionista. My old hilly stomping ground. I can't fail.

Come across Edamame soya beans? 40% protein, 21% carb, 14% fibre and 21% fat with a pinch of salt and sunflower oil. Got them at the supermarche.  Super recovery foodstuff thingy. Taste? - You try them and see. Lets face it, they're not going to be as good as carrot cake and a cuppa after 10 miles.
Finally I deduced that the new velo what I bought had its tyres pumped up to 130psi by the bike shop man. I have ridden bikes for 20 years quite happily with 60psi on board. What’s it like living in an inner tube with 120psi around your ears. There’s no need. Its excessive.  Swaggering sort of pressure. God knows if I puncture at that pressure I might end up joining the Northern Lights. Natural Yogurt? Yes, that's good as well. It’s just cheese that hasn’t made the effort.

There’s really no chance that January will be my first race free month. Nursing a knee that won’t admit it’s getting all the best treatment, I need to be doin a race. My reliable training run of 8 miles through Bothal woods and across the top fields has according to the Garmin been 6.5 miles. Better add a bit.

I’ve got a busy February planned and then when Spring erupts in a bouquet of heat and birdsong my running and cycling calendar is absolutely jam packed.  Yep, 2012. It’s all happenin. 
The Forfar Half in a fortnight is still waiting in the wings. Always fancied this after doing the Glen Clova run. We'll see what the knee's like.  

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