Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Age concern

I bailed out of the Hexham Hobble last weekend. Running 10 miles on icy, rutted ground is no longer on my 'to do' list. It used to be, but I've been running for 10 years now and have at least got some idea of risk and the fragility of my withered old ankles.  During these long winter days and nights its the Strava website thats got me out the door. Sad, but true. Ive created a good few runs and segments around the town which adds a frisson when plodding through the cold night air in the near darkness. Ok, I need to get out more...or is that stay in more?

Last week I was in receipt of something from Age UK or some such charity. I didn't read it, but it had my name on the covering letter and I wasn't sure whether they were looking for charity donations or were concerned about my welfare and impending age. Being old is not detracting me from running and this morning I was up at Amble looking at a possible job. As you do (when you're on the skive), I managed to shoe horn in a stealthy 6 miles running around the harbour, along the Braids, up Beal Bank to the picturesque Warkworth village with its 11th Century Castle, former home of the Percy Family,  overseeing the village in silence.

Nice to see lots of birds and I thought I spotted a seal beside the weir. Its Cross Country this Saturday at Hartlepool and there's also Simonside Cairns Fell race at Rothbury on Sunday, which attracts a good few runners from over the border. It'll be a good weekend if the weather can behave itself.

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