Friday, 28 December 2012

Guisborough Woods 12

I took my spikes down to Guisborough for this 3 lap test. It consists of a sharp climb up a steep muddy raving beside an old quarry, a run along a gravel ridge, down through a heavily wooded muddy ravine and a final drop to the finish down the track. As we arrived in good time this year to take our 20 minute line up in the queue I learnt the course had been changed. This was down to tree clearing making the downhill stretch un-runnable. Hardly a scandal. Hardly 'Fellgate'. But looking at the new course it looked a lot more trail and no haremscarem drops. Drat. Zut alors. Other obscure school curses. I dooo like the dodgy descents.

It was cold and damp but there was no snow or ice and I dug out the Walshes, knowing that spikes would be a waste of time. Perhaps 150 runners kicked off up the long pull toward the quarry climb and I started at the back, managing only just to fasten my number on my vest. The first lap was largely familiar but we continued along the ridge track for some way before cutting back east along a very hard surface which included a short stretch of tarmac. There seemed alot of runners ahead of me. I think that's because there were. Starting the second lap I thought I had a bit in reserve and came upon a couple of NFR's just ahead, but as I got to the top of the quarry climb for the second time I had slowed and realised that NFR, Mr Green, had put about 10 seconds into me up the climb alone.

I felt my left calf tightening as we hammered along the hard surface before dog legging south, then cutting across a very wet undulating peaty moorland path. As we cut back on ourselves through High Nab wood there was no marshall.  I shouted to the marshall a little way further down that he should get up to the fork otherwise some runners might unwittingly find themselves in Whitby.
I had to ease off for the leg home but lost only 2 places as I crossed the line. To be honest I didn't have much left by then anyway.

Ran back to meet the little woman with a camera but the light was poor, so only got a couple of passable pics. At the prize giving, the organiser seemed to have bought m&s out of wine. The kids all got chocs though and a big round of applause.
Calf tight but not too bad this morning. Running with fell shoes for any prolonged spell on hard surfaces - not recommended.  Might try a spinning class tonight.

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