Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jarrow XC 2012

 Wow..This racing lark is becoming a regular thing. Maybe I should have a blog?.I was stood in the queue for stamps at a small post office. They used to be very reasonably priced, but now I find they're soo expensive.
They cost so much now I've begun to send them as presents. If you get a card in the post off me, thats it! thats your pressie.
At the next shop I was in another queue. The old bloke, smartly dressed next to me smiled casually as we waited patiently. Well, he was waiting patiently, I wasn't. I piped up 'You need to entertain yourself in a long queue I quipped. I told him, a complete stranger, that I'd been to a fancy dress Christmas party the night before. He looked at me and nodded. I said my mate had come dressed as a tortoise with a strange women on his back.. I continued....'I asked who she was'? My mate said  'it's Michelle.'. ...The gent stood there. There was every possibility of a tumbleweed moment, but I heard a stifled guffaw from the women behind him and the tension was released so there's hope yet for my comedy career. Yes, yes, its Peters Kay's material, but it made me smile.

Today's run at Jarrow at the North East XC league was much improved from last weeks sludgey debacle. I put this down to the new set of xc spikes with mean and lean 12mm spikes. I positively floated round the muddy course today and may well have breached the top 50. It was mild and having had a very limited mileage this week, I was full of vim and vigour. I've even cleaned the new shoes. I then dug the Walshes that I wore last week from their lair. Clagged and caked in a brown overcoat of Hartlepool mud,  they had begun to grow warm and glow a little, like a gremlin hatching. Once the shoes were clean I turned the brush, one like your old grandma used to use on the steps, on myself and now me and the shoes are all perched on the radiator, drying. I declined stuffing myself with newspaper. Maybe I should.

Its carrot and lentil soup again tonight. I've cracked the recipe. Easy to make and easy to eat. Tomorrow threatens an hour with the lads then off to the cyclo cross. Anything to stay away from the shops.

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