Thursday, 9 May 2013


I have been biding my time in the racing stakes recently trying to keep myself in one piece. I've been putting in plenty of miles on the bike, but my weekly total on the running front has been, well, meagre. Just keeping my hand in. I don't seem to easily reconcile running and cycling. Maybe I just haven't got the time to do both.

Ran the Neptune Relays last week, a trail running relay in Durham held in the grounds of Hardwick Hall. We had 13 athletes running in four teams of four. Some had to run twice. Quite a laugh. It was a glorious, if cool evening and it was good craic. The prizes consisted of a range of fruit. Keep everyone regular, that will.

I had the possibility of a place in the Etape du Tour.  This year it's centred on the picturesque Annecy and takes in the Col des Pres and Mont Revard, two thigh destroying, lung stripping climbs. The finish is a huge uphill as well. However, had to decline for one reason or another, so maybe next year.  The Wooler Sportive on Saturday will provide a milder test. Sixty three miles in the Cheviots. Should try some bikes races as well, although the cycling season is in full swing so best stop navel gazing and get on with it. So much to do, so little time.

On the summer athletics front, I've decided to re-launch myself at June's Alwinton Fell Race, a 14 mile rolling extravaganza near the border. This year the prize list is sponsored, so it should be a pothunters-fest. I'll be doing my bit to drum up numbers (starting with this blog).  I might also shoe horn in warm up races at Yetholm, this year a British Championship race, and maybe a track race before then. I had the track spikes on tonight.  The calves were tightening up toward the end, but good to have a run out. It'll be a tall order trying to match previous track times though. Its been a while.

Now that the sun's made an appearance I'll have to get myself up the hills. As an aside, if you fancy a bit of cross-training, try having a go at a Lleyandii. After a bank holiday afternoon wrestling with one, I was wiped out and can thoroughly recommend this leftfield form of conifer hedge torture.


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