Friday, 5 February 2010

My Ghost likes to travel

Last night was a hill session with the gang and being shorter in distance than a typical training run, it took a 10 miler through the rain soaked winding lanes today to finish the week. Starting out late, it was soon dusk and the steady rain soaked the road as I wound my way round the refurbished farm houses and early evening life on a wet Friday in Northumberland.
Folk glued to their flat screens (probably blogging), some busying themselves in the kitchen; it seemed another world. Once or twice I caught a whiff of some aromatic or spicy aroma escaping from a casserole or pot like something out of a cartoon. I've been listening to Peter Gabriel lately during steady runs and there's one or 2 tracks where the beat is ideal for keeping pace, 'Growing up' being one of them. He was terrific in concert (youtube link)
Tomorrow I think I'll try some off road miles. But for now... its pizza!

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