Friday, 26 February 2010

Run! Here come the Deltoids

I had every intention of cracking open the new Scottish running season with the Cupar 5, but the forecasts gone abit doolally just over the border (unless of course you're into skiing, have a team of huskies or drive a snow blower). The mileage this week has been very modest but I have crept around the gym twice trying to keep out of the way of those huge chaps of iron who spend much time talking about pecs, reps and deltoids.
Just who are the deltoids anyway?
Not that it's dull (much) but as I bounced back and forth on the rowing machine I estimated that you would need to spend 10 minutes on it to work off the calorie intake of a packet of quavers. Its anyones guess how far you'd need to row to burn off a fish supper, sauce, a tub of mushy peas and a can of Irn Bru thrown in for good measure. You could be half way to Norway.
This morning I pushed the boat out and went out for 2 hours around Thrunton and the Crags. It was cold. It was foggy. At the top of the crags it was horizontal icy snow but it produced that buzz that you can get when its just you, the grizzly elements and the open country. Oh , not forgetting my partner at arms, the daft dog. A ball fixated collie/lab cross, the dog loves the wilderness. She can reduce a new tennis ball to a quivering mass of green felt at 30 yards and she got a good soaking today. I was well pleased to open the flask of piping coffee back at the car.
Memo to self: More Thrunton Woods please.

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