Saturday, 20 November 2010


Its been a week of mid-range runs mostly on the road and today I managed a short 3 miler through the woods in the rain and mud. The soles of my fell shoes are getting a bit short of grip and its was like tackling the safari rally with slicks on. They're perched on the radiator getting dry for tomorrow.

The New Balance road shoes have been replaced by a pair of Pegasus's and its taken a few days to adjust to the change. Other than a couple of fell runs though I've no road events planned so no stress. Given the last few months, I'd say I was fully ten-kayed up. Just got to stay in one piece over the next couple of months and start getting back into the gym. I got a free entry to the Edinburgh Half next year, which is nice and I'd like to say it was because I was so fast and impressive, but the club had been given a couple, so it was great to be sent one. Just finished Murakami's book on running. From the cover I was expecting quite a different book altogether and must admit to being not unhappy to move on to some good old historical fiction.

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