Monday, 29 November 2010

Before the Thaw

Day off. Fought my way around another 10 miles this time heading off eastwards for 8 miles through Bothal woods and with 2 road miles added for good measure. It was slow going, deep slush in places. Got caught out around the 5 mile mark in a mini-blizzard when the wind picked up. Nipped back down into the woods. The downfall only lasted for 10 minutes. We are loving the weather; yes?

With absolutely no one in sight I was happy to be pushing through the ankle deep snow to Marillion (Marbles) and Snow Patrol but it was 'War of the Worlds' soundtrack that proved to be bang-on, haunting, the production and Richard Burton's narration as crisp as the new snow as I made my way through the eerily abandoned and transformed alien countryside...'
the chances of anyone running in this are a million to one they said..'
The local hardware shop sold 250 pairs of wellies at the weekend. Thats a result. The only one this weekend around here.

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