Saturday, 27 November 2010

Welcome to Northumberland 2010

After a week of no running whatsoever, my cabin fever spilled over as I drew the curtains back this morning to reveal another huge dump of snow.
It was all too much and I took off with the dog for a 10 mile 2 hour run through the woods and across the bridleways stopping for a few photos every so often. I think we've got about a foot or so of snow now. The weight of snow had brought down a few boughs in the woods and there was a lot of ducking and diving as I dodged the burdened branches. Today was all snow and I felt like an extra from Ice Station Zebra or Fargo. My feet stayed dry in the Salomon's with a plastic bag sandwiched between 2 pairs of socks and plenty of layers on above and my fingers only started to get cold on the way home.
The A1 was all but deserted and it really was a winter wonderland. The dog's done in and asleep behind the settee already.

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