Friday, 18 March 2011

Another day in Northumberland

With the short survey at Belford completed by 10am, it seemed a shame not to drive 5 miles further north and park up at the causeway which leads out to Holy Island. Its Norman priory stands on the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery founded by St Aidan in A.D 635 when King Oswald was doing the rounds in the locality. The castle was built in the 16th Century but only saw action during the 1745 uprising.
I avoided the centre and swung around through the mossy tracks that wind through the sand dunes beside the beach.

The island attracts plenty of tourists during the summer but its quiet during the early months and todays offering was an easy 45 minutes across the tidal flats and dunes before turning back into a brisk westerly. Its easily the farthest I've jogged since my lay off a month ago. I had to make sure I checked the tides and made it back to the car with 10 minutes to space. I reckon my legs have had plenty time now to sort themselves out and with the longer nights coming in, I'm chomping at the bit to get back into shape. The amorphous look doesn't suit me! I'm not completely ignoring the slow road to recovery and am adding cycling and pilates to the schedule.

An old lady stopped half way along the road and we exchanged photos and our appreciation of what a beautiful place it is. Getting back home for a cheese toastie I caught my shadow on the kitchen wall and can't help feeling I'm turning into Nosferatu.

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